Structural Crack Repair

We have an over 10 year track record of repairing structural cracks with Torque Lock Structural Staples.  Torque-Lock ™ staple is used world wide to repair and stabilize cracks in cement and gunite and many other applications.

The Torque Lock™ Staple is a revolutionary technique used to repair structural cracks on any solid cement based surface. Using its patented Cam Lock™ technique, it stabilizes the concrete crack by creating up to 5000 lbs of compression torque for each staple installed.


A 10 foot concrete crack can be repaired in approximately 1 hour.


The Torque Lock™ Staple countersinks into the existing concrete structure allowing the installer to apply plaster, marcite, tile, exposed aggregate finishes, Chattahoochee, cool deck, or any other surface to create a finish like there was never a crack to begin with.


The Torque Lock™ Staple is available in two sizes 3” and 6”. The cams are interchangeable and a ratchet attachment found in your local home improvement center is all that’s needed to turn the cam.


Three Torque Lock Kits are available: